PYRO COVER - Specialist Insurance for the Firework, Pyrotechnic and Special Effects Industry Sector

Our brokers have been working with the firework and pyrotechnic industry since 1997.  We have used our experience at Precision to build an insurance policy designed to protect the Firework and Pyrotechnic Industry Sector against the risks you experience at your storage or manufacturing premises and on display sites.  We call the facility Pyro Cover and have summarised below some of the features:

  • Tried and tested policy wording – we have been operating in partnership with AXA XL and this policy wording across the firework/pyro sector for the past four years
  • Specialist Liability and Property Cover – policy cover has been specifically designed for companies working in the event and production sector.
  • Extension of cover to firework display and event contract sites across the UK and the World
  • Reduced number of policy exclusions
  • Full theft cover – Cover on property extends to transit and display sites 

Liability Cover 

Specialist liability policy cover offers

  • No exclusions relating to firework / pyro storage, manufacture or working with explosives
  • No exclusions for equipment being worked upon or in the custody and control of the insured
  • No height limits
  • Flexible policy cover to meet specialist contractual requirements
  • Dedicated liability adjuster with over 20 years-experience dealing with firework and pyro sector claims 

Property Cover 

Specialist property cover offers: 

  • Simple and competitive terms for permanent and temporary buildings, stock and equipment
  • Flexible cover to deal with annual stock variations
  • Simple and efficient processes to add temporary storage sites during season
  • Full Theft cover on firing and SFX Equipment at premises, in transit and on contract sites
  • Dedicated property adjuster with over 20 years-experience dealing with Production/Media Sector claims

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